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Microsoft offering $100 towards Xbox One if you trade in your PS3

by William Schwartz


Microsoft is offering anyone who trades in a PlayStation 3 for an Xbox One $100 dollars towards their new console.  The promotion is good at the Microsoft Store, and apparently, the deal holds true for Xbox 360 models as well.

“Visit your store, let us recycle your PS3, and get $100 of store credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One,” reads the promotional email .


While it could soften the blow for consumers seeing that $100 difference between a PS4 and an Xbox One, the $100 seems to be around the going rate for a used console these days.  Trade-in promotions at GameStop, or selling the old console via private party could actually net you more than the $100 Microsoft is offering.

Though PlayStation 3 fans shouldn’t act too hastily.  There are still plenty of games coming down the pipe for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2014.  The new Final Fantasy will arrive in February.  Dark Souls 2 will launch in March.  And while Persona 5 is still a ways off, that’ll be one title that should keep you interested in holding on to the PlayStation 3 hardware.


- This article was updated on:January 31st, 2014

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