Attack of the Fanboy

Might & Magic Heroes VII Creates A More Tactical Combat For Fans

by William Schwartz


Fans of the Might & Magic Heroes series are likely very excited for the upcoming Might & Magic Heroes VII which is due out later this year from Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft. Limbic have taken a bold new step to work with fans as the game is being developed. They even allowed fans to vote on two factions which will be included in the final game, Sylvain and Dungeon factions. Arguably the most important part of Heroes is the combat and this time it hopes to be as intricate and interesting as ever.

As many know, before every battle you are given the choice between an auto-battle/quick battle system which takes everything from level, skills, and amount of units in the battle into account. Most fans though, partake in the battle itself. Heroes VII looks to make the fight more tactical as now fans can use the terrain in the battle maps to their advantage. The cover system has been reworked and refined. The all-new flanking system adds a new spin to the battle system allowing players to plan not only the attack itself but the angle of attack, making every decision crucial as enemies can flank your allies as well.

Fans will have a chance to try out the new flanking system and the more tactical combat when Might & Magic Heroes VII releases later this year on PC. For more on Might & Magic Heroes VII check out our preview of the Stronghold campaign.

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