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Minecraft bunnies emerge in recent snapshot


Mojang has released a new snapshot for Minecraft, and alongside the optimizations and bug fixes, it also introduces bunnies. The new furry creatures come in a number of varieties, they can be tamed with carrots, or killed for the leather, meat, or a rabbit’s foot (used in creating a potion of leaping).

According to the Minecraft Wiki there’s also a 1-1000 chance that a rabbit will spawn as a hostile. These hostile rabbits will attack anything in a four block radius, the Wiki also reveals that these hostile rabbits can quickly kill an unarmored player.

The update also does feature a number of bug fixes, a list of which can be found below.

  • Player can be pushed around by mobs while on horseback
  • Nether Fortresses are ignoring “Generate Structure” setting at world creation
  • Horse tries to breed with another horse that is not yet in Love mode
  • Double plants cannot be broken by placing a different block on the block it occupies
  • Statistics doesn’t resize / Buttons missing after resize
  • Falling / Landing particles / particles applied to the player centered on the block rather than the player
  • Mooshrooms lose their name (from name tag) when sheared
  • when the disk is put in jukebox the name does not appear

This new snapshot is only available on PC.  So Minecraft players on the Xbox and PlayStation are going to have to wait a little while for 4J Studios to catch up for their own bunny action.  To access the snapshot, you’ll need to open the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile.  Call the profile snapshots and check the box that says “Enable experimental development snapshots.”

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