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Minecraft Plastic Pack coming to Xbox

by William Schwartz


4J Studios secretly embedded a sneak peek at an upcoming “Plastic Pack” for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 into their header image on Twitter. Spotted by users of the social network, the image gives a glimpse at one of the upcoming texture packs for the game.

4J promises that there are more details to come, with official screenshots set to arrive on Friday. They say that the texture pack will have a free trial version of the pack when it arrives shortly.

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 just got a couple of updates in recent weeks. We saw Title Update 12 arrive with sweeping changes, Title Update 13 to clean up the mess, and the Mass Effect 3 Mash Up Pack was just launched on the platform as well. So when should we expect the new Plastic Pack? It sounds like this Friday will hold the answers.

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