Minecraft: Pocket Edition Developer Confirms Next Update Coming “Soon”

by AOTF Staff

Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has recently confirmed that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update is coming “soon”.

After being asked by numerous fans about the announced Minecraft: Pocket Edition update Bergensten, aka @jeb_, commented, “I would do you a disservice to promise any dates. The team is cleaning up bugs, so ‘soon’.” He went onto describe one bug that the team is working on removing from Minecraft, “Today’s bug report: Built a boat out of birch and it popped into planks of oak.”

Recently, developers have come under fire for pushing back for updates or game launches, after initially confirming release dates. Bergensten has taken a logical and safe step in confirming that the update is being worked on and is coming soon, without agreeing to a potentially unrealistic release date.

Not only do fans get disappointed when an update they are waiting for gets delayed but it reflects badly on the company that cannot keep to the deadlines which they originally announced. This being said, it is often better to delay a game or an update until it is 100% ready. Thankfully, Mojang haven’t fallen into the pitfall of giving an initial release date and have given themselves some extra time to perfect the update prior to release.