Minecraft Related Videos Got The Most Youtube Views Last Month

by AOTF Staff

Minecraft continues to dominate Youtube as the most watched game on the service which isn’t surprsing since it is readily available on almost every gaming platform known to man, with a special emphasis on the PC version.

The report comes in from NewZoo a games marketing research firm partnered with Octoly who puts out these assorted rankings together. The report is for the monthly ‘Top 20 Game Franchises on Youtube’ for the month of March and shows that Minecraft managed to account for 32% of the top 20 games. Below is a list of the top twenty franchises and their total views last month on Youtube. One thing is for sure, with a 32% lead, any game will be hard pressed to beat it once April’s numbers come out.

1.) Minecraft – 3,934M

2.) Grand Theft Auto- 1,393M

3.) Five Nights At Freddy’s- 1,273M

4.) Call Of Duty- 851M

5.) FIFA- 770M

6.) Garry’s Mod- 690M

7.) League Of Legends- 667M

8.) Super Mario- 547M

9.) Counter-Strike- 362M

10.) DOTA 2- 282M

11.) Clash Of Clans- 259M

12.) Battlefield- 177M

13.) Just Dance- 169M

14.) ARMA- 156M

15.) World Of Tanks- 134M

16.) DayZ- 134M

17.) Team Fortress- 131M

18.) Halo- 127M

19.) Mortal Kombat- 123M

20.) Destiny- 118M

Surprisingly Destiny is on the bottom of the list after dropping six spots. The official list also shows a growing popularity in Just Dance which moved up six spots the past month on Youtube.