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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst To Have An Expanding City That Unlocks As You Play

by Damian Seeto


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will feature an expanding city that will unlock more when you progress further into the game.

X-One had a chance to interview Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s producer Sara Jansson. She described more about how players will unlock the city in the game.

She said the first game was overwhelming and frustrating for some players. The developer felt it was difficult for some gamers to be thrown to explore a huge city right away. Jansson also said some gamers felt it was too intimidating  in the first game as well.

What X-One found out is that the whole city isn’t open at the start of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Jansson told the site that the city will “open up more and more as you move through the story“. This is a system that is similar to the old Grand Theft Auto games. Players had to play through the story before they could explore more of the city.

This system is helpful in a way as it will allow players to familiarize themselves more with the city’s level design. It will also make the first few missions feel more self contained since you don’t have to travel too far.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes out next year for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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