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Modder Brings First-Person View to the Original Resident Evil

by Jose Belmonte


The jury is still out on whether Resident Evil fans will fully embrace the change to first-person view suggested by the seventh episode in the series. However, a PC modder has taken the opportunity to give us a look into what the original entry would look like if we changed its camera perspective to this new style.

The result is a surprisingly strong experience for a project that it’s simply reusing assets already present in the game. Modder Rod Lima says he has simply taken the original files and reworked them using Blender to get a convincing test of what a first-person Resident Evil HD Remaster would look like.

In the description of the original video posted in January 5th, Lima explains the process: “Some month ago I found out the offset address and its logic from REmake animations, last holiday week I did a blender script to read it. Here I test how RE would look like in Jill’s POV, all the game, including cutscenes.”

That video presents a small fragment of the game: The moment when Jill and Barry enter the dining hall looking for Chris. And despite some obvious shortcomings like the lack of better lighting and a shaky camera, it shows some potential to make a very enjoyable experience.

Now, a second video posted yesterday shows some clear graphic improvement, while also offering a glimpse into what the gameplay would look like during combat. From the point of view of Jill, we face the iconic first zombie, and get to explore some of the rooms of the mansion.

However, one of the things we can learn from this project is that simply changing the perspective will also alter the experience from an emotional point of view. We need to limit the speed of move in the way Resident Evil 7 does in order to retain the feeling of anxiety that the original fixed cameras give the players when they block us from knowing what kind of horror lies around every corner of the mansion.

Check out the latest video and tell us your opinion in the comments section.

Resident Evil “1º view” test 1

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