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New Modern Warfare 3 DLC arrives on Xbox Live

by William Schwartz


August’s Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Premium Elite content has arrived on Xbox Live. The new content includes two new Spec-Ops mission: Light ’em Up & Special Delivery. This months download also introduces a new mode into the cooperative mixture, with Chaos Mode.

Special Delivery and Light Em Up gives players two new Spec Ops missions that have one player piloting a vehicle while the other is on foot. Special delivery features an infamous Osprey Gunner, while Light ‘Em Up features a pilotable Little Bird Helicopter.

The new Chaos mode is geared towards Spec Ops survival, and is arcade variant on the survival mode. Instead of waves with breaks, there is a constant stream of enemies coming at you. Weapons will be found throughout the map, but you’ll have to fight your way there to get them.

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