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Modern Warfare 3 players see a full week of Double XP

by William Schwartz


If you’ve been playing the Call of Duty series for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered one of the game’s many Double XP weekends. A time where the developers give players an opportunity to earn more points for their time spent in the game’s multiplayer component. This week, Modern Warfare 3 players will earn double xp on all playlists and platforms from May 23rd until May 29th.

The Double XP week comes alongside a brand new content pack for the shooter that includes new maps, special ops missions, and a new gamemodes call Face-Off for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Face Off’s one-on-one or two-on-two gameplay delivers the most visceral Call of Duty® multiplayer experience in the franchise’s history. Getaway and Lookout, two fiercely tactical maps designed exclusively for Face Off, are part of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®3 Content Collection #2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2 offers seven all-new pieces of content that includes:

Getaway: This former white-sand vacation spot, boasting exotic aquaria and surfside infinity pools, is now a Face Off map and a haven for ruthless run-and-gun violence.

Lookout: A perilous warren of chokepoints and tight corridors, the second Face Off map drops your one- or two-man teams into a forward observation base carved into a war-torn mountainside.

Sanctuary: Destroy the opposition-and the ornate relics of an ancient monastic order-in the towering sandstone cloister of central Greece’s Sanctuary. SMGs, assault rifles and shotguns will make short work of both.
Foundation: Choose your rules of engagement in this decommissioned cement factory in the heart of South Korea, perfectly constructed for both sniping and run-and-gun combat.

Oasis: Once a postcard-worthy holiday spot, now a paradise for a different sort of traveler-the ones who’ve traded fanny packs for combat fatigues. Pick your combat lanes carefully atop this ancient stone fortress turned five star resort.

Kill Switch: Armed with an EMP, you and a squad mate must neutralize a Russian carrier deep within enemy territory. This Special Ops Mission tasks one team member on the ground, fighting through hostiles on your way to the detonation site, while the other must maintain vital cover from behind a sniper scope.

Iron Clad: For the first time, take the wheel of an Abrams-class tank with full escort. Breach and clear and exfiltrate from behind enemy lines in Hamburg in this all-new Special Ops mission.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Screenshots

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