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Modern Warfare 3 sees new game modes added in playlist update

by William Schwartz


Modern Warfare 3 received a playlist update last night which included two new multiplayer gamemodes for the shooter. Money in the Denk and 3v3 Hardcore Face-Off mode were added in the update. Money in the Denk is based on the existing Sabotage game mode, while Hardcore Face-Off is self explanatory.

The Money in the Denk game mode is one that players have been setting up on their own in custom game modes for the past few months. Infinity Ward has just made it easier for players to play with this rule set from the Community Playlist.

To see Money in the Denk in action have a look at the video below. With a little over a month until the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it’s nice to see that Infinity Ward is still supporting Modern Warfare 3 despite fans gearing for what’s next.

MW3 Money in the Denk

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