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Modern Warfare Season 5 to Introduce Shadow Company on August 5th

Season 5 arrives on August 5th.

by Daniel Chae


The next season of Modern Warfare is just around the corner with Season 5.  In that season the story of Modern Warfare sounds like it’s set to take another turn with the introduction of a brand-new group of Tier One Operators called the Shadow Company.

If you’ve been following along there’s been a whole narrative developed between the release of the game up to Season 4 and this continues that story line.  The story, which begins with the Modern Warfare Campaign, goes into Special Ops, and then pours over into the post-launch content with the four different seasons.  We’re not going to retread all of that here, but if you want a refresher on the story so far in Modern Warfare, head over the Call of Duty Blog for that.

The Shadow Company is basically stepping in as the Armistice has collapsed, which explains what’s going on the reveal trailer below.  This group is said to “operate outside the boundaries of the original Armistice and forged from the fires of in-fighting between the Coalition and Allegiance —  with a framework and agenda all their own.”


The Shadow Company will be a part of Season 5 across the different game modes of Modern Warfare, including Warzone.  Some of the new Shadow Warrior skins can be seen in the image below.  As you can see it looks like this group is going to be wearing mostly dark clothing items.

Finally you can expect the new content for Modern Warfare to arrive on August 5th as per the trailer above.