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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New Trailer Reveals Metroid Cross-Over

by Kyle Hanson

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate could become the next great Metroid game with today’s announcement of a costume cross-over. The costume will let you play as Samus throughout the game. It looks like there are two versions, including her armored version and Zero Suit Samus, much like Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS did. How you will be able to switch between them wasn’t shown specifically, although the trailer seemed to hint that it would happen automatically.

A different kind of Hunter is entering the fray in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The Metroid costume looks like quite a bit more than just some aesthetic changes. In the trailer you can see that Samus’ blaster arm is usable, which should mix up the standard Monster Hunter gameplay quite a bit. Sound effects also seem to accompany the outfit, mostly sounding like updates from classic Metroid games. These could have been added to the trailer for effect though.

This isn’t the only cross-over that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will feature. recently it was announced that Sonic would appear in the game. According to other sources the decision was made with the Western audience in mind. Given the Metroid series cult following in the US it is likely that this inclusion was made for similar reasons.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will hit 3DS in early 2015.

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