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Monster Hunter Digital Event Date and Time

Check out the date and time you need to tune in for the event

by Victor Vellas


The newest Monster Hunter Digital Event was announced not too long ago, and the team also shared with every single fan out there the date and time the event will be live. As they confirmed, they are going to provide more info about Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Update, some extra details about the game itself and more insight for the future title, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Monster Hunter Digital Event Date and Time

In no one’s surprise, the Monster Hunter Digital Event is taking place a couple of days before the major update in Monster Hunter Rise. To be precise, April 27, 2021, is going to be the day the event is happening. As for the time, it is going to be 7 am PDT and 15:00 BST accordingly.

On that time frame, you will need to tune in to their Twitch channel, found right here. As they clarified, they will show new info about the anticipated new monsters, such as Chameleos, Apex Rathalos and a lot more that are yet unknown to the public’s eye, and a lot more features. These can be from unlocked HR caps, as the current one is barely HR 7, to new items, collaboration events and who knows what else. Make sure to check our their page when time comes, in order to find out. Also, they already gave us a head’s up as to what the size of the update is going to be, sitting around 0.9GB for those that have the game up to date, and 1.5GB for those that haven’t yet updated the game ever. Not bad considering the amount of new content that is going to be implemented.

Additionally, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will also have some screen time, with the team updating everyone about the game’s latest info. A Digital Deluxe edition is also available to pre-order, so if you enjoyed the first game of the spin-off series, it is very likely you’ll want to grab this special package with these extra goodies:

・ Ena’s Outfit: Kuan Coat
・ Rider’s Layered Armor: Razewing Armor Alpha & Beta
・ Rider’s Hairstyle: Spiky Nergal
・ Navirou’s Outfits: Nergigante and Pukei-Pukei Costumes
・ Sticker Sets: Adventure Buddies 2 & 3

Just for the Layered Armor only, I wouldn’t say no to this version. Although sitting at a higher price, if you are a fan of the series, it may be worth supporting the team for some potential, future content. Tune in on April 27, for finding out more.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on Nintendo Switchwith an upcoming release for PC at a later date.


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