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Monster Hunter Stories Is Coming This October In Japan With Three New Amiibo

by Dean James


The Monster Hunter series has really become one of Capcom’s most important over the last few years, with each entry selling quite well across the world. It has spanned a number of different platforms over the years, but the Nintendo 3DS has been its home for a few years now. This also includes the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories, which now not only has a release date in Japan, but also its own amiibo.

According to Gematsu, it was announced during an event overnight in Japan that Monster Hunter Stories will be coming to Japan on October 8 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

The more surprising news came later when it was revealed that we were also getting three brand new amiibo based on the game that will release alongside it. This includes a One-Eyed Rathalos and Rider (Male), a One-Eyed Rathalos and Rider (Female), and a Nabiru, with them saying that a second set of Monster Hunter amiibo would be coming this winter as well.

The first two will be retailing for 1,800 yen each in Japan, while Nabiru will be a bit cheaper at 1,200 yen. While it is hard to compare these to US with exchange rate differences, it is likely that the higher end figures would be more in the range of the Yarn Yoshi’s to maybe even $19.99, while the other will probably be your typical $12.99 amiibo price.

This game has no US release announced yet, but with amiibo coming, it appears they will really be pushing this game and will very likely end up making its way to the US as well. Hopefully more news comes of this at E3 next month on a possible US release date for both the game and the amiibo.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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