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Mortal Kombat Reviews say it’s the Vita’s next killer title

by William Schwartz


There’s been somewhat of a drought of new releases for the PS Vita, after its stellar launch lineup made its debut in February.  Though today, Mortal Kombat heads to the PS Vita with a bunch of brand new content developed exclusively for the handheld version of the game.  Critics have begun to weigh in on NetherRealm’s latest and from most accounts, the handheld fighter is a smash hit.

Visual fidelity that is on par with its console counterpart, and well implemented touchscreen controls seem to be what critics are most admiring about this handheld version of Mortal Kombat  Here are a selection of the latest reviews for Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation Vita.

Gaming Trend – 91/100 – While a “Komplete Edition” was recently released for the consoles, the Vita version is the most complete version of them all.  With the combination of classic and modern, the game really stands out in the fighting genre.  It’s hard to believe that they were able to include with this system.  If you already have a version for the PS3 or Xbox 360, this version might not be a necessary addition to your collection, but the Vita version gets the Flawless Victory on the go.

Game Informer – 90/100 – Even if you never touch the bonus tower, Mortal Kombat’s core gameplay and modes (including online play) are recreated perfectly on the handheld. A little bit of detail has been lost when it comes to character models, and online play is limited to two-player (ad hoc supports four), but it remains a fantastic port. Returning fans will love the new content and touchscreen Fatalities, and first-timers will be greeted with an almost overwhelming amount of great content. This is the most complete version of Mortal Kombat available.

Atomic Gamer – 90/100 – Through all of this, I’ve barely talked about how Mortal Kombat Vita plays, but suffice it to say that this is a very accurate port of an exciting, revitalized version of a classic fighting game – now with new features and very few mobile-gaming sacrifices to go along with it. At this point, the only real sacrifice is the one your wallet will have to make, as I still think that forty bucks is a lot to spend on a mobile game – and that’s assuming, of course, that you even own a Vita yet. But if you do make the plunge, you will know where that money went, as MK on Vita is a damn good example of how future ports to Sony’s handheld should go: dial back the eye candy if you need to, but do not compromise your gameplay or remove features just because it’s hard to make them work on a mobile system. Good job NetherRealm, and I look forward to what surely is the inevitable Mortal Kombat sequel that, this time, hopefully will be launching on Vita alongside the home console versions.

PlayStation Lifestyle – 85/100 – As a complete package, Mortal Kombat Vita is an impressive piece of software and a near-flawless port from consoles to a handheld. It’s one of the best fighters of this generation, magically tailored to work to PlayStation Vita’s advantages. Although unfair yet impossible to avoid comparisons will be made of it to its console counterpart, the Vita version proves that console-quality games and experiences are possible on Sony’s new portable. And it proves that it can be done with hardly any compromise.

Games Radar – 80/100 – When it comes to gory fun on the go, Mortal Kombat is a fun, silly fighter that is entirely inappropriate to play in public spaces, which actually makes it even more fun. Your enjoyment of Mortal Kombat on Vita will depend on whether or not you’ve already played the identical console version, and how much you like tapping the touch screen to make people’s heads explode. Mortal Kombat remains faithful to its console counterpart, and is an equally entertaining, albeit sometimes uglier, addition to the family.

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