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Most Recent Pokemon Games Are On Sale At Retailer This Week

by Dean James


The last two years have each seen two brand new Pokemon games release for the 3DS in the Fall and we still have no idea if that will be the case again this year. However, for those that may have missed out on these recent releases, Best Buy has a great deal for not only those, but also one other more recent Nintendo 3DS title is that is pretty timely.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released last fall and Pokemon X and Y released the year before that, both garnering great critical acclaim. One set a remake of the third gen classics and the other bringing a whole new adventure in Kalos, there is no way you can go wrong with either. All four of these typically retail for $39.99, but through this coming Saturday, May 30, each of these games will be discounted by $10 to $29.99.

The other 3DS title mentioned above that is on sale is Code Name S.T.E.A.M., which like the Pokemon games is discounted by $10 to $29.99. Not the most critically acclaimed game, the recent patch fixed one of the biggest issues and those who also collect amiibo and own a New Nintendo 3DS will find this week a good time to pick it up. The Robin and Lucina amiibo will be releasing on Friday that can be used in the game, along with Marth that is getting a restock at some retailers on Friday. Ike can also be used, but the only restock of him so far was to fulfill former pre-orders at GameStop a couple weeks ago.

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