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MW3 Premium Elite members will get four extra DLC drops

by William Schwartz


Initially, the Call of Duty: Elite premium schedule of content included 20 pieces of planned DLC. Over the coming months, Activision is said to be rolling out four bonus content drops for Elite subscribers, but has kept quiet on what that content might be. According to Joystiq, the content will be “interspersed throughout the planned Elite content season.”

This week, Premium Elite members on the Xbox 360 got first crack at three new pieces of content. Two Special Ops Missions: Black Ice & Negotiator marked the first time that cooperative modes were included in the Call of Duty DLC content lineup. Prior to that, it’s been all multiplayer maps, and this content drop included one more, titled “Black Box”.

Later this month, Xbox 360 players will also get a chance to get up to date on the current Modern Warfare 3 offerings with “Content Collection 1”. The traditional DLC offering will include multiplayer maps: Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, Black Box and the two Special Ops missions from the most current offering.

PlayStation 3 players will get their shot at the same content in the coming months, but just remember it’ll be one month behind the Xbox 360 offerings.

These bonus content drops are still under wraps, but before all is said and done, players will end up with 24 instead of the advertised 20 for this year’s Season of Content for Modern Warfare 3.

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