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Naughty Dog Once Again Denies Giving Support To The Uncharted Movie

by Dean James


Naughty Dog is certainly one busy developer, with them working on both The Last of Us Part II and the upcoming Uncharted: The Lost Legacy after just putting out Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End last year. We already told you the other day about how Naughty Dog wasn’t involved with the upcoming Uncharted movie at this point, and now Neil Druckmann himself had to state that once again after a comment was made insinuating the opposite.

Druckmann had already come out and said that no one at Naughty Dog had even read the script to the Uncharted movie at this point after being asked. You would have thought that this would be it, but he went further with another tweet on his Twitter earlier today.

He posted an excerpt from an interview with the writer of the Uncharted movie that stated “I’ve heard is the Naughty Dog guys are really happy with it. But who knows? That could be like Donald Trump hearing something; that may not be true at all.”

Along with an image of this excerpt, Druckmann wanted to make sure that people know it was definitely the latter by saying the following:

“A recent quote from the writer of the Uncharted film. We know nothing about the film. Wish he’d stop implying that he has our support.”

It is pretty worrisome that the movie appears to be being handled completely separate from Naughty Dog entirely. They obviously have their own game-related stuff to worry about and the movie side knows more about making a movie, but you would think they would at least have Naughty Dog be involved in some capacity.

The Uncharted movie has definitely been in development hell over the years, but it sounds like it could actually happen this time. It definitely doesn’t have that high of standards to live up to if it wants to be the best video game based movie, but that is something we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves if it ever gets made.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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