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NBA 2K15′ PlayStation Exclusive Content Unveiled In New Video

by Dean James


A little while back, we learned that Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson would have a major presence in the upcoming NBA 2K15, increasing our expectations even further as they have played a role on TNT’s coverage for years now. 2K Sports has now released a new video for NBA 2K15 with the duo that also concludes by revealing the PlayStation Exclusive Content for the game as well.

At the start, we see a guy playing the game, when both Shaq and Ernie come up as the guy is playing a retro game with Shaq on the Magic. We see some funny moments as the two talk about Shaq’s play in the game, including some making fun of his abysmal free throw shooting. The video seemingly ends with the tagline “Watching Your Every Movie,” but that isn’t quite all.

Before the video completely fades to black, we get an image showing off the PlayStation Exclusive Content in the game, which is as follows:

  • Dominate on The Stage for higher stakes, exclusive on the PS4 through 11/7/14
  • 10,000 Virtual Currency Bonus
  • Exclusive MyTEAM Card Pack for PlayStation Plus Members

We still do not know what The Stage exactly is, but hopefully 2K Sports will shed some light on that soon. At least that part will be only exclusive for the first month, but the MyTEAM Card Pack does not specify, so we’ll have to wait and see closer to release. Make sure to check out the video for yourself below:

NBA 2K15 – Shaq & Ernie: Watching Your Every Move

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