NBA 2K15 Predicts The Playoffs And Finals

by Damian Seeto

2K Sports ran a simulation in NBA 2K15 to predict who will be the winners and losers during the upcoming NBA Playoffs.

2K Sports wrote everything that happened in the NBA 2K15 simulation on Facebook.

It’s pretty lengthy, so I’m just going to skip and ahead and summarize what happened in the NBA 2K15 simulation from the Conference Finals and NBA Finals. It looks like the top seeded teams will make it pretty far this year.

In the Western Conference Finals, NBA 2K15 predicts it will be the Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are the defending champions, however the Warriors are the number one seeds. It’s a close contest, but the game predicts the Warriors win over the Spurs 4-3.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, NBA 2K15 thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks will be there. These teams are both seeded number two and one respectively. They didn’t specify how many games were played, but the Cavaliers won the series.

According to NBA 2K15, the Finals will be Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. The Finals only goes to six games, and the Golden State Warriors are predicted to be the champions this year. Stephen Curry will be named as the Finals MVP.

Do you think NBA 2K15 will be correct and that the Golden State Warriors will be champions this year?