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NBA 2K15 Rates Lebron James Higher Than Cover Athlete Kevin Durant

by Dean James


2K Sports has chosen to completely switch up the way they rate players in the upcoming NBA 2K15, with only four players rated 90+. We first learned that Kevin Durant was one of them at 95 overall and we then found with a leaked image the other day that Tim Duncan was another at 90 overall. Now, the most unsurprising player of the four has been revealed, but his rating may catch a few people off guard.

Most would say that Lebron James is the best player in the league right now, even better than cover athlete Durant, which is exactly how 2K Sports much feel also as they have rated James higher than Durant in the game. While Durant is only a 95 overall, James comes in ranked as the highest in the game at 98. This is actually a 2 point drop from last year’s 100 overall rating for James, but with the changes that is no surprise.

While James is higher rated, Durant actually didn’t fall point wise at all from 2K14, even with the new points system, so the gap is narrowing between the two in 2K Sports’ eyes evidently. Now we have three of the four players rated 90+, but the question is who that final player could be. Some speculation is that it will be Chris Paul, but who do you think it will be and who do you think it should be?

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