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NBA Live 16 Will Have Several Graphical Improvements

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports has now described all of the graphical changes that they have made in NBA Live 16.

In a recent blog post, EA Sports talked about the great lengths they have made to make NBA Live 16 look as realistic as possible.

EA Sports describes the NBA as a unique sport as players are not hidden behind helmets and other heavy gear. EA Sports made sure you get to see all of the players’ expressions in NBA Live 16 up close and personal.

To enable to get accurate likenesses for the players in the NBA, EA Sports scanned every player and coach in the league. They managed to refine the scanning process in NBA Live 16 getting more accurate results.

Humans weren’t the only things scanned for NBA Live 16. They scanned “jerseys, accessories, shoes, socks, environments and more” describes EA Sports. Everything you see in the game should have pristine detail.

The game will also have players that react like they would on the real life court. They’ve also improved the lighting in the game to make have a more “broadcast-quality look“.

Lastly, players will sweat just like they do in real life. EA Sports said all of these things have been possible within the three years they’ve been improving on the graphics engine.

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