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Need for Speed 2015 File Size Revealed On PS4

| June 25, 2015

Need for Speed 2015 File Size Revealed On PS4 News  Need for Speed EA

The PlayStation Store has now listed what could be the full file size for Need for Speed 2015.

On the US and and European PlayStation Stores, they have both listed Need for Speed 2015 to have a file size of 36GB on the PS4.

Paradiger reports that the file size for Need for Speed 2015 is quite large compared to other racing games that came out recently. 36GB is bigger than the file sizes for both Driveclub and Project Cars.

36GB for Need for Speed 2015 is similar to Forza Horizon 2. This makes sense since both games are open-world. The new NFS will have a large city for you to explore and drive around.

Need for Speed 2015 has been labelled as a reboot from EA. As announced at E3 2015, the game will take elements from all of the NFS games from its famous 20 year history.

The new game borrows elements from the Underground series, Carbon, Most Wanted and the Hot Pursuit games just to name a few. It also sounds like it will be similar to Ubisoft’s The Crew since it’s an always online video game.

Need for Speed 2015 will be out from November 3rd for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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  • Soylent_Beige

    That’s one chunky file size. Can really understand the need to swap out those 512gb drives.
    Talking about the game, I am actually pleased with what I’ve seen and read about this. Dare I say this about a nfs game, but this may actually be really good. Not played underground 1 or 2 but really enjoyed the original most wanted and carbon.

  • Miguel lopez

    Ps3 THINK ABOUT THE PS3!!!!!!

    • Ivan Johnson

      Ps3 and xbox 360 wont be able to handle it.

    • Fthegov

      Time to upgrade. Save yo feddy

  • Ivan Johnson

    Im definitely on this one. Likes how they have the actors like the original need for speed.

  • Mike S

    I want a complete set of game install discs for my PC when I pre order the Deluxe edition from Origin, I don’t care if the game is 50Gb in size.

  • TessellatedGuy

    Damn, that’ll be one hefty download for light arcade gamers.

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