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Need For Speed Heat Won’t Have Loot Boxes or “Surprise Mechanics”

Car packs and a time saver pack are the plans.

by William Schwartz


Need for Speed Heat was announced today, and naturally, the first thing that interested people turned to following the announcement was whether or not the game would have loot boxes in it. After all, the last Need for Speed game was nearly destroyed by them.

It looks like EA isn’t going to make that mistake again. According to Ghost Games who posted this to the Need For Speed subreddit, “There are no lootboxes in NFS Heat and there won’t be,” they also jokingly said there would be no “suprise mechanics” either.

What was revealed for NFS Heat is that it would have post-launch paid-DLC in the form of car packs. It was also said that there would be a “time-save pack” that would show all the collectibles on the map alongside this.

EA’s loot box stance does seem to start getting a little more nuanced as of late. While there’s no signs of things like card packs being removed from their sports games that are going to sell regardless, it’s good to hear that the loot boxes they so infamously defended recently to the UK Parliament.

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