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New Adventure-Platformer Degrees of Separation Announced

Temperature is both problem and solution in this one.

by Jacob Bukacek

Indie developer Modus games has announced their next project, called Degrees of Separation. Story-driven adventure-platformer follows dual protagonists Ember and Rime as they work together to save their respective worlds. Both characters can exert control over their environment, Rime via cold and Ember via heat. With both powers combined, they can overcome just about any obstacle, provided that they can figure out how to do it.

Degrees of Separation offers both single-player and cooperative experiences. In both cases, players are challenged with using both Rime’s and Ember’s powers in concert so to progress through each world the characters find themselves in. The barrier separating them appears to grow stronger the closer the characters are to one another, a quality players can take advantage of if the above trailer is any indication. The game’s website boasts additional features such as non-linear levels and an emphasis on storytelling too, so fans of 2D puzzles and platforming might want to keep their eyes on this one.

If Degrees of Separation lives up to the potential seen in this trailer, then it might just be the next game those who end up enjoying the upcoming GRIS will want to try out. While these two games are very different in terms of theme, they’re both gorgeously-rendered 2D platformers, and one can never have enough of those.

Degrees of Separation will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in February 2019.

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