New Apex Legends Storm Point Map Shown Off in Season 11 Trailer

This tropical new zone may just become the most dangerous vacation spot.

by Michael Sagoe


EA and Respawn Entertainment have recently revealed a handful of new content for their upcoming Season 11 Update for Apex Legends, including a new battle royale map, a new SMG weapon, and a new hero. The big focus for the new season is centered around their newest map known as Storm Point, a tropical archipelago with many small beaches, caves, and hillsides for players to engage in deadly battles. While this map may seem like a great vacation spot for tourists, players will have to be extra vigilant as this map will be home to some deadly creatures, dangerous checkpoints, and new forms of transportation scattered all across the area.

Unique to Storm Point is the removal of Redelopyment Balloons that have been present in previous seasons, as they have all been replaced with Gravity Cannons that can launch players and opponents far across the map. Players that have been launched using a Gravity Cannon can also control their pitch and adjust their movement in the air slightly, allowing them to avoid potential traps and hazards before landing on the ground. Not only that, but players will have full access to their weapons, skills, and inventory while traveling through the air, so it will be possible for airborne players to get the drop on opponents, should they be attacked from down below.

The most dangerous aspect of this new map is the various wildlife scattered around the islands, as players will now have to keep their eyes open for creatures such as Prowlers, Spiders, and Flyers that can attack players who dare step into their territory. Players could also use these creatures to their advantage, as stumbling upon enemies that are combating these creatures could also be leaving them open for an ambush. And for those that are even more cunning, players could lure their opponents to these creatures, setting them up for a dangerous trap.

Players will not have to avoid these creatures at all costs, however, as seeking them and defeating them could also prove useful. Defeating these creatures could reward players with small amounts of loot, EVO points, and crafting materials that could aid players during their match.

This new map also includes various scenic points of interest, including crashed ships, cave villages, gigantic storm catchers, and more. Some of the more dangerous drop points include the Barometer, the Lighting Rod, and the Storm Catcher as epic loot have a higher chance of spawning in these areas, so players will have to scramble to these points as fast as they can to secure some powerful equipment that could aid in their victory.

Overall, Storm Point brings a new dynamic compared to previous battle royale maps featured in Apex Legends, as the Player vs. Environment driven combat and tropical setting brings a fresh twist that new and old players will find refreshing and challenging. Players will not have to wait long to visit Storm Point, as Season 11 for Apex Legends will be available on November 2nd, 2021.

Apex Legends is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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