Attack of the Fanboy

New Artwork Shown For New Mortal Kombat X Fighter

by William Schwartz


Mortal Kombat is back and in full swing with Mortal Kombat X and the main question is how many new characters versus old favorites are we going to get? I mean some of us may have heard the rumors, Johnny Cage’s daughter and others yet to be confirmed besides the two notable characters shown at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. We get another look at one of the other two fighters showcased, D’vorah.

Today’s art shows off D’vorah. She utilizes the power of the swarm to attack her enemies. We can imagine this would come in handy with an array of long ranged attacks. I can already imagine a fatality that utilizes the swarm in a way that wasn’t shown off at E3.

Along with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and mysterious duo Torr & Ferra, the total number of revealed is at four fighters. Hopefully over the course of the next few weeks we will learn more. Especially with EVO 2014 coming up. Hopefully we will be able to learn more about Torr & Ferra and at least confirm some classic characters.

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