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New Control Trailer Introduces ‘The Oldest House’

In this house, we hold the keys to both the greatest of dreams and the most terrible of nightmares.

by Jacob Bukacek

The more Remedy reveals about Control, the more intriguing it becomes. Remedy has already discussed their gameplay goals for Control, but there’s still little known about its world and how it works. Today’s trailer addresses that somewhat, giving fans a tidy summary of what exactly “The Oldest House” is. In a word, it’s strange.

“The Oldest House” serves as the Federal Bureau of Contol’s headquarters, but that wasn’t always the case. Bureau agents pretty much just stumbled across it while investigating an “altered world event” in New York City’s subway system. As stated in the trailer, “The Oldest House” is a place of immense power, so much so that it seems the bureau felt the need to maintain a permanent presence there.  This isn’t all that shocking considering the bureau’s function; it’s their job to investigate and protect against places like this after all.

“The Oldest House” sounds incredible by its very nature, but it seems humankind has had something of an unintentional role in its creation. It seems there are many places within this space where other dimensions mingle with our world, and our very own minds play a role in defining how these interactions work. Unfortunately, this influence of ours is not controlled, so these interaction are often unpredictable to say the least.

The man giving us this little monologue introduces himself as “Zachariah Trench – Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.” It’s interesting that he’s the one giving the speech considering the state the “The Oldest House” is in at the outset of Control and the player character’s status as the new director. Normally this would mean he’s dead, but that might not necessarily be the case considering what we’ve just been told about the nature of reality. Jesse Faden may indeed be alone against hostile forces she barely understands, but maybe, just maybe, she’ll have a seasoned hand to help her out after all.

Control is set to release in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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