There Is A New Dissidia Final Fantasy Game Coming Out

by Damian Seeto

Square Enix announced at at the JAEPO trade show in Japan that they are to release an all-new Dissidia Final Fantasy video game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy was originally released for the PSP and spawned a sequel. The games featured various Final Fantasy characters where they battled in a fighting game style arena. The games were well received, although Square Enix sadly never ported them to the PS3 or any other platform.

This new Dissidia Final Fantasy game will be released for the arcades. A teaser trailer has been released and the graphics look great. It looks like a game that could easily be ported to the PS4 or Xbox One some day. It also looks like it features the same style of fast-paced gameplay from the original PSP games.

The first character to be revealed for this new Dissidia Final Fantasy game is Final Fantasy XIV’s Y’shtola. The battle system has been built from the ground up, and features 3 on 3 battles. A full reveal for the new game will be held on April 10th. The trailer also shows other Final Fantasy characters too such as Cloud among some others.

Hopefully this awesome looking new Dissidia Final Fantasy video game gets ported to consoles. It will be a shame if it stays at the arcades. The game is looking pretty good.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2015