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Rumor: New DOOM Video Game Set To Have 17 Single Player Missions

by Damian Seeto


Players that have been playing the DOOM Alpha have been digging around the game’s files and it appears the full game is set to have 17 single player missions.

This news actually comes from a Russian forum (via NeoGAF) with the user posting a folder that has the names of the 17 levels that might be in DOOM. The folders suggest that some levels will be set in the same location.

The levels names are in alphabetical order and they’re called: argent_tower, bfg_division, blood_keep, blood_keep_b, electro_tower, genesis_surface, hangar, intro, lazarus,, olympia_engineering, olympia_shipyard, olympia_surface_west, polar_core, resource_ops, resource_ops_foundry, surface and titan

The number of levels falls in line with the Twitter page explaining that the length of the game is an average of over 13 hours depending on the difficulty you play on.

It’s safer to classify this news as a rumor for now as id Software could have made some changes since the Alpha test was made. However, the names of the levels does sound like they’ll be featured in a DOOM game.

The new DOOM video game is somewhat of a remake/reboot of the series. The game will still have familiar enemies, although the graphics are much nicer and some new features have been added. The game will be out on May 13th, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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