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New Heroes of the Storm Event Brings Back the Popular Mecha Skins

More heroes get the anime treatment.

by Alex Levine


It’s been a while, but at long last, Blizzards MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm, has received it’s newest patch update, and with it comes yet another anticipated event. This time it’s another Mech themed one, dubbed the MechaStorm II, where certain heroes are given cool, anime themed mobile suit skins. Along with this is a special Event Long Quest, where you will need to complete prerequisites in order to win awards.

The three heroes to get the special treatment this time around is the Draenei Warrior Yrel, the Demon Hunter Valla, and the Angel of Death Malthael. On top of that, Tyreal from last years event will be getting a new refinement to his outfit, with a more gleaming look. As with all events in the game, skins from the previous MechaStorm event will be available to obtain, which are for the three heroes Dehaka, Abathur, and Kharazim.

As if this wasn’t enough, two more mounts will be included for this event, the Seraph Wing and the Fel Razorgrin, which is just another variation of the shark mount. The quests themselves involve joining the Neo-Stormwind’s mobile Mecha squadron to fight off the Xenotech invasion. We’ll be going through them later to find out just how much we have to grind to earn us some skins, mounts, sprays, portraits, and unlocking Tyreal the Hero.

Finally, longtime fan favorite World of Warcraft hero Chen is getting an official rework on his abilities. We’ll be testing him out to see just how much he’s changed in the meta. Heroes of the Storm is available for free on PC through the Blizzard’s launcher.

You can watch the trailer for the event here:

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