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New Injustice 2 Stream Later Today Will Include New Info

by Dean James


Injustice: Gods Among Us was a big hit for NetherRealm studios, so it was no surprise when they announced Injustice 2 last year. Set to arrive this May, we just got a big story trailer for the game last week and now it sounds like we’re going to be getting even more information from a stream later today.

It was announced the other day that NetherRealm would be holding what they are calling a “Watchtower Stream” on Tuesday, January 24 at 3:00 pm ET through the official NetherRealm Twitch channel.

We assumed that the stream would be showing off some new information, which Ed Boon confirmed through his Twitter.

“First WATCHTOWER twitch stream loaded with Injustice 2 info !!”

Considering a number of new characters were just unveiled, we figure we’ll see new gameplay of characters like Braniac and Poison Ivy, but it would be great to get yet another character reveal as well. The game is only a few months away and a stream that many people will be watching would be the perfect spot to make that announcement.

There are also plenty of other details about the game they could announce, such as any new or returning game modes and such. Boon says it is a “loaded” with new info, so I have a feeling we should get plenty to discuss.

If we do see any new characters revealed, who would you like to see announced? We already gave you our list of the top 10 characters we’d like to see added to Injustice 2, so we’d love to hear what you think as well.

You can watch the stream through Twitch tomorrow at 3:00 pm ET of course, but if you are not able to, make sure to check back with AOTF after the fact to find out if any new important details were revealed about Injustice 2.

- This article was updated on:January 24th, 2017

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