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New Mario Party: Star Rush Boxart Revealed As Original Is Scrapped

by Mike Guarino


During E3 earlier this year we got the very lowkey announcement that there would be a new Mario Party game coming out by the end of the year, being another portable experience that was exclusive to the 3DS. However, despite featuring some interesting gameplay tweaks, there was something that popped out immediately that rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way.

This really didn’t have anything to do with the game itself, but the game’s boxart. While it didn’t seem too bad at first glance, people soon realized the artwork was not original at all and was actually nicked straight from a can of Mario-themed spaghettios. The complete lack of effort in coming up with a decent design for the boxart definitely didn’t give a good first impression of what was to come, though it looks like Nintendo has attempted to make things right.

We now have a new boxart for the game, and this one at least doesn’t look like it was slapped together. Many of the series’ popular characters are featured, and it at least gives the semblance that an actual Mario Party game is going on. It may not be the best the series has ever had (hard to beat this one), but this should at least get some people to ease off the game a little.

Mario Party: Star Rush is set to launch exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 4th. You can check out the new box art compared to the old one by clicking right here.

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