New Minecraft Update Released To Fix “Serious Bug”

by AOTF Staff
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Mojang has just confirmed on their website that a brand new patch has been released for Minecraft, to fix a serious bug that had been introduced in the latest update.

Minecraft version 1.8.2 was released on Thursday after multiple waves of bug testing, via the pre-release program that Mojang use to test upcoming content releases. However, the problematic bug was in the accompanying server patch. As we reported earlier in the week the patch was supposed to be about stability and performance: bringing in a number of fixes including /commands and baby cows now being milkable.

The bug was reported through the Minecraft issue tracker which enables the community to flag up bugs for the development. Searge, the Minecraft developer who is usually in charge of announcing the pre-release testing of patches, confirmed the team was aware and working on a fix. For those who haven’t noticed the server based bug, it causes the game to crash upon loading a world; which isn’t exactly helpful for those attempting to play the game.

Mojang who have often been quick to react to similar scenarios in the past have once again managed to quickly fix the issue. Minecraft version 1.8.3 is already available from the official launcher.