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New NBA 2K17 Video Shows Mo-cap Action

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has uploaded a behind the scenes video of NBA 2K17 earlier this week. It takes a look at the amount of effort it takes to mo-cap everything.

CNET had a chance to visit 2K Studios while they were in the middle of recording mo-cap sessions for NBA 2K17. 2K Sports has one of the largest mo-cap studios in all of North America.

The site has over 144 cameras and it captures every movement that the players are doing. During the session, 2K Sports were recording the movements of Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon.

NBA fans will remember these two players were the two finalists in this year’s NBA Dunk contest. 2K Sports is capturing a lot of their own signature dunks so you will know all of the movements and animations are accurate.

Not only are the dunks accurate, but they captured their shots and free throw movements too. 2K is always adding more animations each and every year and improving the game engine. This ensures that each new release is more realistic than the last one.

You can watch the video yourself below. It will give you a better idea on how sports games are made these days. A lot more effort is being done in the newer games.

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