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New Need For Speed Announcement Teased With Countdown Timer

The popular driving franchise has waned in recent years.

by William Schwartz


EA is getting ready to reveal something about the Need for Speed franchise.   A countdown timer has popped up on the EA website that will end in about 2-days time.  When that timer expires, it is likely that Electronic Arts will reveal what’s next for the driving series as they confirmed earlier this year that a game is in development and that it would be released before March 2020.

What’s next for the Need for Speed franchise

It’s been some time since a new Need for Speed game has been released, and the last few  entries in the series haven’t been great.  Electronic Arts had released a new Need for Speed game each year from 2002 until 2013 before fatigue set in for the franchise.  Then after a couple of year breaks they released the Need for Speed reboot and Need for Speed: Payback, which were both received with mixed reviews from critics and consumers.

Can EA turn the Need for Speed franchise around?

Need for Speed: Payback was probably one of the worst Need for Speed games in the series with a focus on micro-transactions and a very grind-heavy progression system.

We won’t need to wait too long for the reveal of the new Need for Speed.  The timer countdown is set to end on Wednesday, August 12th.

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