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New Pokémon App Scheduled for Release Soon

by Dylan Siegler


With the immense success of Pokémon GO last year, it’s no surprise that The Pokémon Company would be interested in created more apps revolving around the franchise. However, this new app is one that I don’t think anyone was expecting.

BulbaNewsNOW, an unofficial but always accurate source on all things Pokémon, recently tweeted about an upcoming app called Pikachu Talk. The app will reportedly be free and will work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Apparently, the app will allow people to “talk with Pikachu.” It’s not entirely clear at this point what that means. Some are expecting a spiritual successor to 1998’s Nintendo 64 game Hey You, Pikachu!, for which players would connect a microphone to the console in order to communicate with Pikachu. The game saw the player going on adventures with the Pokémon and performing various activities. This doesn’t seem likely for this new Pikachu Talk app. Will the app simply replace Google Home or Amazon Alexa’s responding voice with that of Pikachu’s? Other than maybe being funny for a little bit, it would seem impractical to have your Google Home or Amazon Alexa respond with words you can’t understand. Maybe there’s more to the app than just that? I guess we’ll find out soon, since the app is set to release in Japan before the end of the year, as well as releasing worldwide sometime in 2018.

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