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New Pokémon GO Event Focuses on Sinnoh Evolutions

Time to stock up on Candy and Sinnoh Stones.

by Dylan Siegler


The fourth Generation of Pokémon was recently introduced into Pokémon GO, with a few creatures from the Sinnoh region starting to spawn all over the world. One thing the fourth Generation is known for is its abundance of new evolutions of Pokémon from previous Generations, such as Rhyperior, which evolves from Gen I’s Rhydon, and Gliscor, which evolves from Gen II’s Gligar.

Recently, a new event in the game has started that is aiming to get players catching Pokémon that have the ability to evolve into their new, fourth Generation evolutions. This event, called the Hatchathon, will let certain Pokémon from the first three Generations that have fourth Generation evolutions hatch from 2km Eggs. The full list of Pokémon eligible to hatch this way during this event is as follows:

  • Rhyhorn (evolves into Rhydon which evolves into Rhyperior)
  • Porygon (evolves into Porygon2 which evolves into Porygon-Z)
  • Gligar (evolves into Gliscor)
  • Elekid (evolves into Electabuzz which evolves into Electivire)
  • Magby (evolves into Magmar which evolves into Magmortar)
  • Togepi (evolves into Togetic which evolves into Togekiss)
  • Misdreavus (evolves into Mismagius)
  • Murkrow (evolves into Honchkrow)
  • Sneasel (evolves into Weavile)
  • Duskull (evolves into Dusclops which evolves into Dusknoir)

Also maybe Budew, even though it’s from Gen IV, because it evolves into Roselia, which is from Gen III  but then evolves into Roserade, which is from Gen IV. There will also be a chance for trainers to hatch a shiny Elekid during this event. Each of these new evolutions will also require the use of a new evolutionary item called a Sinnoh Stone, as well as 100 Candies. This event is set to run from today (November 14) at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST to November 27 at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST.

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