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New Star Wars Battlefront Poster Offered As A Pre-order Bonus

by Damian Seeto


You can score yourself a free cool Stormtrooper poster if you pre-order Star Wars Battlefront.

As a Gamestop bonus, fans will be able to get themselves a cool looking poster that features a Stormtrooper.

It is an exclusive offer to the retailer and it is double sided. Posters will be available when you pick up the game on launch day if you pre-ordered. Gamestop notes the quantity of the poster is strictly limited.


It’s also worth mentioning online buyers will have to go and pick up the Star Wars Battlefront poster themselves as well. You will have to print your order to give proof of your purchase. Gamestop will not deliver the poster to your doorstop.

In related news, DICE and EA have also mentioned how they created the sounds in the game. The team met with Ben Burtt and Matt Wood who are the sound designers for the movies.

DICE wanted to replicate the sounds of the original movies in Star Wars Battlefront as much as possible. The team even went on location to environments like forests and mud pools to recreate noises from Endor and Sullust.

Desert wind noise was also captured for the sounds of Tatooine. As for Hoth, they went to numerous places such as a waterfall in Sweden a coast in England.

Not only were the environment sounds created, but even the wildlife noises that live on these alien planets were replicated as well. DICE notes the sounds will make players really feel that they are actually inside of the Star Wars universe. They hope people’s reactions are that the game sounds exactly like the movies.

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