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New Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Trailer Shows Off More Traditional 3D Mario Expansion

Bowser is bigger and badder than ever.

by Dean James


Super Mario 3D World released back in 2013 and was easily one of the best games in what ended up as a hidden gem of a library on Wii U. Fans were hoping to see this game brought to Nintendo Switch, with it being officially announced back during the Super Mario 35th Anniversary stream last year. During the trailer, a new expansion for the game known as Bowser’s Fury was announced, and now it has been officially unveiled and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Bowser’s Fury is an expansion within Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, though we don’t know if you have to beat the main game to access it or not. This expansion looks unlike anything else in the game though, as instead of the more typical Mario left to right exploration, though this time in a 3D plane, this one actually looks like your more traditional 3D Mario title.

The expansion is set in a completely new area as you control your chosen character through what looks like really fun 3D platforming. Similar to the usual collectibles like Stars and Moons in the 3D titles, there are some sort of cat collectibles that Mario is grabbing in these levels. It also appears that you will be teaming up with Bowser Jr. at parts, with him having his Super Mario Sunshine paintbrush back this time.

While everything looks great, the ending part of the trailer is probably the most exciting, as it shows off a massive boss fight against a massive form of Bowser that almost looks like Giga Bowser from the Super Smash Bros. series. This does not look like your typical boss fight, but one that takes place over a large part of a stage, which looks to take the previous large scale fight against Cat Bowser at the end of the base game and taking it to an entirely new level. There is a neat surprise in there too that I’ll let you see in the trailer below or wait to experience in the game itself if you would rather.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021.

A Bigger Badder Bowser – Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

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