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New This Week in Video Games (7/10 – 7/16)

by Dean James


The summer continues onward and temperatures are keeping many people inside, which you might would think would lead to plenty of big games coming out. However, while there are plenty of them this week, the major titles are few and far between.

Coming alongside the release of the new movie, there is a new Ghostbusters game coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Tuesday, along with Song of the Deep and 7th Dragon III Code VFD in retail.

These are joined by a number of different Xbox One and PS4 digital games on Tuesday and Wednesday, including Super Mutant Alien Attack and FRU.

The week actually ends with what is the strongest title this week with Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS, as well as a few other releases.

Check out the full list of new releases below of what you can expect to be released the week of July 10th through July 16th.


  • Bot Vice (PC/Steam)
  • Line / Dash (PC/Steam)
  • Lion Quest (PC/Steam)
  • Replica (PC/Steam)
  • Rocket Ski Racing (PC/Steam)
  • Tomato Jones (PC/Steam)
  • WARZONE (PC/Steam)


  • Ghostbusters (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • Song of the Deep (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • 7th Dragon III Code VFD (3DS)
  • Resident Evil 5 Retail (Xbox One, PlayStatio n 4)
  • Anarcute (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PC/Steam)
  • Super Mutant Alien Attack (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store, PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Assault Suit Leynos (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Daydreamer: Awakened Edition (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Dex (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Kill Strain (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Kerbal Space Program (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Last Wings (PlayStation 4/PSN, PS Vita/PSN)
  • MilitAnt (PlayStation 4/PSN, PC/Steam)
  • Type:Rider (PlayStation 4/PSN, PS Vita/PSN)
  • Videoball (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Tumblestone (Wii U/eShop)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force (PS Vita/PSN)
  • Panda Run (PS Vita/PSN)
  • 90 Minute Fever (PC/Steam)
  • Break Through: Artificial Maze (PC/Steam)
  • Depths of Dread (PC/Steam)
  • Hiiro (PC/Steam)
  • Necropolis: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve (PC/Steam)
  • Push The Crate (PC/Steam)
  • Toys of War (PC/Steam)
  • Tumblestone (PC/Steam)
  • UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late (PC/Steam)


  • FRU (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • KYUB (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Pharaonic (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Videoball (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (PC/Steam)
  • Beat Ninja (PC/Steam)
  • Crush Your Enemies (PC/Steam)
  • Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition (PC/Steam)


  • Jackpot 777 (Wii U/eShop)
  • Blasters of the Universe (PC/Steam)
  • Cosmic Cavern 3671 (PC/Steam)
  • Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily (PC/Steam)
  • Dead Age (PC/Steam)
  • Domain Defense (PC/Steam)
  • Duckie Dash (PC/Steam)
  • EXZEAL (PC/Steam)
  • Infinium Strike (PC/Steam)
  • Muv-Luv (PC/Steam)
  • Quell Zen (PC/Steam)
  • Rabbit Island (PC/Steam)
  • Raw Data (PC/Steam)
  • RoShamBo (PC/Steam)
  • Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans (PC/Steam)


  • Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)
  • MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore (Xbox One)
  • Adrift (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • Arcade Archives Gradius II (PlayStation 4/PSN)
  • RevErsi Quest (Xbox One/Xbox Games Store)
  • Bird of Light (PC/Steam)
  • Don’t Drop the Bass (PC/Steam)
  • Doodler (PC/Steam)
  • Ghost Sweeper (PC/Steam)
  • RimWorld (PC/Steam)

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