New World Adds Free Emote and Title to Make Up for Server Issues

The wait is over.

by Noah Nelson


New World is an exciting… new world for MMO fans to delve into. Though obviously not without its server issues, similar to any MMO when just starting out, New World is rewarding its loyal players with a free emote and title in order to make up for it. Along with other server updates and some Halloween news, here’s the latest on New World.

If you haven’t heard, New World is Amazon Games’ first crack into the video game market, because taking over the real world wasn’t enough. It was released a month ago and experienced a flood of gamers excited to stake their claim on a brand new MMO. Met with mostly positive reviews, New World has handled a rocky launch fairly well, and continues to do so with the introduction of a free emote and title to thank players for their patience with server issues.

All players now have access to a free emote and title, both of which play on the idea of buggy servers. The emote is called “Waiting,” which when performed, the player will place their hand on their hip and tap their foot. The free title is called “The Stoic” and has the description that rewards “solid resolve in the face of epic wait times.”

The biggest update, and the reason for the free emote and title, is the rollout of the server transfer. Like most MMO’s, players are assigned to a specific server of the game so that not all 900,000 players are in one world. The problem with this is that you might get a server that your friends aren’t a part of. Because of this, Amazon Games has created a server transfer process.

Each player receives one free transfer token that allows them to change into a new server. There are, of course, caveats. Players will keep all of their character progression, inventory and storage, currency, houses and housing decorations, and quest progression. What can’t transfer with you is Company membership, active Trading Post sell orders and buy orders, and your friends list. Players can transfer to any world, except for worlds that are full, worlds under maintenance, and worlds that players have an existing character in.

Along with many general updates and bug fixes, there is a new Halloween update as well. Starting today, New World will receive its first in-game store update. First off, there is a free happy jack-o-lantern house decoration for players to get into the spooky season. Along with new seasonal housing decorations, emotes, and dyes, players can find new armor skins like the Skeletal Chevalier and the Bloodthirsty Count and new weapon skins like the Frankenstein Hammer and the Black Widow Staff. There’s never been a more exciting and welcoming time to begin a new adventure in New World.

New World is available now on PC.

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