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New Yoshi’s Wooly World Screenshots Reveal 3D Overworld

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo has released a new batch of screenshots for upcoming 2.5D platformer Yoshi’s Wooly World. Most are the usual fare of gorgeous wooly platforming, but one stuck out as particularly interesting. It seems that the hub or overworld of Yoshi’s Wooly World will be in 3D, allowing for some more varied gameplay than the other currently released screenshots and videos were indicating.

Along with this come a few other gameplay shots, showing the same 3D graphics and 2D gameplay that we’ve been seeing for the last few months. The game still looks fantastic though, with the entire world created out of yarn and other physical items. While the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, Nintendo has a way of maximizing their visual quality with a mix of excellent art design, and creative thinking.

Like Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii, Yoshi’s Wooly World will utilize a special visual style that focuses on yarn. This creates a unique world for players to explore, while making the game somehow look more alive and colorful than if it were created using standard graphics. The animation is heavily built around this mechanic as well, offering cute and unique movement for both Yoshi and the various characters in the game.

Yoshi’s Wooly World will be released exclusively on Wii U later this year. Hit the next few pages to see the other screenshots.

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