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Nintendo 3DS Iwata promise no drought in games

by William Schwartz


Despite the Nintendo Wii selling extremely well, the console did have a minor problem in the form of a shortage of great games to play on it.  Satoru Iwata recently announced the Nintendo 3DS will not be making this misstep.  The CEO said:  “It’s important that you be able to supply software with no pause.”  “With the DS and Wii, following the titles that were released at launch, the momentum dropped when there was a gap in software releases. We’re making plans so that this type of thing won’t happen.”

If Nintendo World was anything to measure by, it looks like Iwata means business.  The 3DS launch library and near launch titles are well rounded and seems to offer something for everyone.  The eight launch titles seem to cater to all, and the stuff further down the line like Icarus, Zelda, Starfox, Paper Mario etc. etc.  makes it look like you will have something to be playing on your device for months, even years to come.

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