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Nintendo Direct Announced For This Coming Wednesday

by Dean James


Nintendo has been known to hold one of their own digital Nintendo Direct streams every couple months that are always full of reveals. Now, following the rumors that surfaced earlier today about the leaked release date for the New Nintendo 3DS in only a month from now, many expected Nintendo to be announcing one very soon. To pretty much no one’s surprise, Nintendo has officially revealed that they will be holding their next Nintendo Direct on Wednesday.

This Nintendo Direct could be a major one for Nintendo, as naturally the release date for the New Nintendo 3DS will almost certainly be revealed, but also a slew of other games. Nintendo revealed this information courtesy of their official Twitter account with the following message:

There is plenty to reveal at this Direct, as at this time only Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has a set release date amongst the upcoming Nintendo releases. You can watch the latest Nintendo Direct on Wednesday at 6 am PST (9 am EST) right here, but if you are not able to watch it live, you can count on us to bring you all of the reveals and details that Nintendo has up their sleeve.

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