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Nintendo Direct Rumors Point to Virtual Console Announcement Soon

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo fans around the world are on high alert. Usually there is a big Nintendo Direct around early January and everyone is waiting for the official announcement of the presentation. Most people expected the next Nintendo Direct to arrive on January 11th, though the closer we get to that date, the less likely it is. Still, there’s plenty of reason to expect a new one very soon, and so even more rumors have swirled about what will be announced. The latest points to the highly anticipated Virtual Console release, adding one of Nintendo’s best features to their hugely successful Switch console.

These rumors were bolstered by a trademark registration surrounding the N64 classic 1080 Snowboarding. It’s of course possible that this is a routine renewal of the trademark, making sure that Nintendo retains the rights to their game. Fans don’t care though, as they’re in a true frenzy for news in anticipation of the possible event.

Virtual Console news is also in high demand, with the feature being one of the most popular for Nintendo fans, yet remaining oddly absent from their latest system. If we’re looking at a true Virtual Console announcement, including N64 games then fans should be very happy. But this is all rumor at this point, so we’ll wait for official confirmation from Nintendo before we get too excited.

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