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Nintendo Direct For Third-Party 3DS Titles Set For Tomorrow

by William Schwartz


Nintendo has become synonymous with their Nintendo Direct segments on their Youtube and Official site to bring news to their fans. It has been their preferred method of announcing the next big thing.

Tomorrow’s (July 11th) upcoming Nintendo Direct is set to focus on the Nintendo 3DS third-party support. No word on what they could possibly talk about yet but we may see some more gameplay of Super Smash Bros. 3DS even though that is not third-party. We might see a new Rayman on the 3DS or maybe a new Sonic game on the platform. One can only hope we hear about some great RPG’s from Square-Enix. Dragon Quest X is likely to make an appearance.

Fans will be able to watch the Nintendo Direct on their Official Page tomorrow at 8:00PM Japan time, 1:00 PM European time, 12:00 PM UK time, 7:00 AM EST, and  4:00 AM PST. Those in the US will have to get up bright and early to see what Nintendo has to announce for its fans around the world. Be sure to keep it here as we will have all the announcements to keep everyone up to date on all the Nintendo happenings.

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