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Nintendo Unveils Neon Yellow Joy-Con, Battery Extension Accessory

by Jose Belmonte


If you were holding to get a Nintendo Switch until finding a colored version that appealed better to your taste, this might be your chance, as Nintendo presented a new version of its new console controllers called Neon Yellow. The release is tied to Nintendo’s new property ARMS, and will be arriving along with the game in June. Also, users searching for a way to extend the battery life of their controlers or to get an additional dock might also find interesting news below.

Since its presentation, there have been various opinions about the look of the Nintendo Switch. Some people liked the original model with grey-colored controls, and while others preferred the red and blue colored version, specially after they got to try the console themselves and saw how convenient would be to easily differentiate each Joy-Con with a distinctive color.

After the original grey, and the neon red and blue, it was time to introduce another variation, and the chosen one has been a kind of “Neon Yellow”, which does look better attached to the console than it would seem. The new Joy-Cons will be available as a separate package starting June 16th, at the same time that Nintendo’s new IP ARMS is launched. While no price has been given, it is expected that it keeps in the range of the $79.99 that currently cost the other versions.

Another hardware announcement was the reveal of a battery extension pack especially designed to prolong the time of use of our Nintendo Switch controllers. These packs get attached to the back of each Joy-Con and they work with two AA bateries each, which certainly seems like an outdated solution these days. With the increasing number of games that make good use of the HD Rumble feature, it’s easy to see how these packs can become handy when we take our console on a long trip. These battery extenstion packs will be available during the summer.

Finally, Nintendo announced that starting May 19th it will start selling a new batch of standalone Nintendo Switch docks in limited quantities. That means that it’s likely that they will sell out as soon as the original batch did during the console release, so anyone hoping to get an additional dock for their secondary TV should be quick to place their order in that day. The price of these are expected to stay in the range of $89.99.

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