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Nintendo NX’s First Reveal Is Only A Three Minute Video

by Dean James


Speculation has been abound over the last few months on when the Nintendo NX would finally be revealed, especially with it supposedly releasing in only a few months. Nintendo got the hype train going last night as we told you by teasing the first reveal for the system, though it sounds like it’s going to be quite short.

Nintendo made the much awaited announcement through Twitter, where they said some sort of reveal was coming Thursday morning at 10:00 am ET. This was from the Nintendo of America Twitter, but the Japanese one actually revealed a little more information.

According to the Nintendo Japan tweet, the NX reveal this morning will consist of a three minute video. This obviously is a little underwhelming, as there is very little you can show in such a short video.

Considering this information, the odds are that this video will be a quick tease where we maybe see what the console looks like and then teases when the full reveal will come.

It makes sense to get some sort of information out now ahead of the investor meetings that are coming next week. We’ll just have to see this morning how much Nintendo can fit into this short video.

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